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Directors Roundtable

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Every awards season the Hollywood Reporter does these series of artist roundtable talks.  In the past, some of these have been very goofy or awkward, but for whatever reason this directors set turned out to…


Wolf of Wall Street

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Recently a series of videos surfaced from an awards screening where PT Anderson was sitting with Martin Scorsese on stage and PT uttered what I would think every film lover or filmmaker our age would…

True Detective Amazement

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Just started to watch this new HBO series, and while not my “happy place” in an audience seat, it is one of the finest “thriller” productions.  And it starts with one of the best title…

Seven Days

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“Seven Days” by Animal Productions If you’re gonna do a “corporate video” this is one hell of a place to start. The use of archival footage is tight, but the development on top of that…