I have been fortunate to have toured throughout Ontario and Canada as a filmmaking educator. For those that knew me in school, who watched me walk down the halls to the office, or had to endure my many interruptions in class as a high school wanting-to-be-David-Letterman student, me as an “educator” may come as a surprise. It does to me, every time I start a class. And yes, I also did drop out of University.  But when film became more about DIY and renegade (Godard and others would say it always was), almost entirely born out of the advent of digital and the access it provided to have-nots like myself, well, I found a fit. An outsider with a fit.  And that primarily is where my workshops come in.

After four years of teaching the Directing Dramatic Film workshop at LIFT (Liaison of Independent Film), I’ve been able to assemble a presentation on filmmaking in general: directing, visuals, and screenwriting comprising the bulk of my talks.  Complete with a powerpoint! … and video and script samples.

Upcoming Workshops

Late Fall workshop at Toronto’s LIFT:

Directing Dramatic Film workshop on Tuesday October 25, Thursday October 27, Tuesday November 1 and Thursday November 3, from 6-9pm find out more here >>>

Fall Workshop in Ottawa – details coming soon!

Fall Workshop in Banff Centre for the Arts – details coming soon!

Extra Handouts

Visual Summary Notes on Robert McKee’s famed “Story”

Link to Sunni Brown’s Image version here (PDF version here)
You can find out more on Sunni Brown at her site

Blake Synder’s “Save the Cat”
PDF summary of the Story Genres
visit the official site here

Logline Resources
PDF version of Chris Lockhart’s logline essay
PDF version of my own logline worksheet

Shane’s Screenwriting Worksheet
somewhat of a summary of Synder & McKee’s work into one worksheet document

Framing and Shot Types
simple one-page on framing heights
also check out this YouTube summary of shot types

AFI’s Top 100 Movies
– great list of “must-see” films

Websites to Bookmark

Philip Bloom
– excellent resource for DIY shooting and cameras

Vimeo Filmschool
– fun how-to videos for DIY filmmaking

Hollywood Camera Work
– great floor plan/shot list app for iPad & great “coverage & blocking” course

Simply Scripts
– downloadable PDF versions of many screenplays

Screenwriting 101
– simple resource for basic screenwriting questions

Movies In Colour

great resource for looks and production design

Soundworks Collection
sound nerds unite! Great case study docs on sound in film

Audio & Video

The Cutting Edge

an exceptional overview documentary on editing

PT Anderson’s Steadicam Use Video Essay

Larry Moss- Acting Coach
great podcast interview on acting

Richard Michalak Cinematography Workshop
great 40min workshop documentary on cinematography basics