Wolf of Wall Street

//Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street

Recently a series of videos surfaced from an awards screening where PT Anderson was sitting with Martin Scorsese on stage and PT uttered what I would think every film lover or filmmaker our age would say: “Whatever you do for us, for me, for my generation, who grew up with you, you were always The Man.”  Seeing Raging Bull as a kid with my parents? Blue my mind with the visuals and the energy. Sure I loved Star Wars, who didn’t, but this was something entirely different.  And I’d say, after years of people copying him, Mr. Scorsese still remains “The Man”.  The dude is 80-something years old and Wolf of Wall Street has more energy in it than most films made by people a third of his age.  It’s amazing.  He is an amazing artist, a living legend.

All I would say about viewing this film was that I was floored.  You were grabbed by the throat and taken for a run into the debauchery and left at the end thinking about the tragedy of losing your moral compass so entirely for greed.  And I laughed my ASS off during so many sequences until the ending comes and all is truly lost.

Anyway, the Hollywood Reporter “Roundtable” with the key creatives is an inspiring chat.

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